Our Story: Best Grocery Online Shopping in UK

Our Story: Best Grocery Online Shopping in UK

Our Story: Best Grocery Online Shopping in UK

DeliveryDrop was founded with one focus: best grocery delivery in UK from local stores to your door in 45 minutes or less!

We live in a society dominated by convenience. Advances in technology line our lives with incredible efficiency, such as the ability to order instantly from our favourite restaurants and takeaways. Small restaurants that receive fewer customers can now place themselves on food delivery apps to increase their visibility and bring their wonderful produce to a wider audience. And that’s wonderful!

But as a nation, we still need to head out to buy everything else apart from our favourite feasts…

Head to the UK and you’ll find a starkly different atmosphere. Almost every person you ask will have a favourite grocery delivery app for the best grocery delivery in UK that is known for the best groceries delivery in UK in mere minutes. Inspired, we embarked on a journey to build an app that would finally give us Brits the experience of REAL consumer convenience in the palm of their hand.

A chance to support the local businesses they knew and loved – plus find a few more they never knew before!

What will you order first?

Fast and Safe Groceries Delivery in UK with DeliveryDrop

Our Mission: Offer the Best Grocery Delivery in UK

You love to shop but often don’t have the time. After working all day, you don’t want to rush out again. And when spending quality time with loved ones, you don’t want to miss a second.

DeliveryDrop offers the exciting facilities of best grocery shopping online in UK. DeliveryDrop’s ground-breaking app is the first of its kind in the UK, placing the goods you need from local stores in the palm of your hand without you needing to leave home.

Just open our easy-to-use app, find all partnered stores within a 3-mile radius and make your order. You will experience our astonishing features like best grocery delivery in UK.

Size, colour, flavour, amount – our revolutionary app covers every element so you feel just like you’re in the store. Orders are tracked, insured, and you can chat with our dedicated drivers as they head to you. And with our quick response and fantastic coverage, you receive your goods faster, fresher and friendlier than ever.

Our latest technology and unique algorithms are defining the anywhere retail experience. But we won’t bore you with the details, just wow you with new retail possibilities as we connect you to your favourite stores. So, stay comfy and let us do the legwork.

Our Vision

DeliveryDrop is an on-demand delivery service not limited by product or service. We invite you to deliver the best grocery shopping online in UK.

As the first service of its kind in the UK, we promise users the best of local stores to their door within 45 minutes. We promise employees a flexi-time income boost to supplement their existing roles. And we promise partnered businesses a lucrative new customer segment as they modernise their services with our anywhere retail experience.

our vision of best grocery delivery in uk

Our Team

Syed Sherazi
Chief Executive Officer

Callen Deighan
Onboarding Manager

Kamran Hussain
National Sales Manager

Haseeb Riaz
Head of Design

Charlotte Coupe
Development Team Head

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